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Happy crackers friandise naturelle

The cracker born from passion… organic with a unique crunch! for your horse, your dog or just for you !

Artisan and ethical production on our farm in the heart of Le Perche, France. HAPPY crackers is an original and caring concept for horse treat, dog treat or the family.

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Our crackers are healthy and friendly. So choose your recipe Love, Care or Terroir and share this gourmet moment with the one you love. Because they are a great horse treat, dog treat or family treat

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Snacking 100% plant-based, healthy and friendly

Initially breeder, owner of the haras de la Blanchardiere and rider «team pro-am HAPPY crackers», we know that mastering a healthy and holistic approach to nutrition is the start of a good growth and long term performance.

So we wanted to make food for these elite athletes (CARE). Raw food is the essence of natural nutrition

Then we called on the specialist of raw food with 20 years of experience to offer 100% natural products. As a result, sharing this gourmet moment reinforce the affection (LOVE).

HAPPY crackers LOVE + CARE
Horse treat, dog treat, family treat
“I love you so I take care of you”

  • Friandise cheval pommes
  • Friandise cheval curcuma
  • friandise chien betterave
  • Friandise chien curcuma

Our commitments

Organic products non processed without additives, without preservatives.

In order to keep the essential nutrients, we have used low temperature drying for a crunchy texture and the integrity of the food selected.

For this reason, the products are selected for their therapeutic effect: high digestibility, low acidity, antioxidant…

Finally, our approach is based on the willingness to work with local produceurs that show repect to nature, animals and people. As a result, we share every year 10% of our profit (Horse and Dog) with SPA (French RSPCA).

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